One Woman Revived

Sophie shares her testimony
During the summer of 2015 I was really weak due to a number of things, namely parasites I had picked up overseas. I had had numerous doctors appointments and tests and they said there was nothing with me, the best they could offer me was cognitive behavioral therapy because although sometimes I wouldn’t be able to climb the stairs, at least I could have the tools to cope with that level of weakness.
I felt hopeless
and I was too tired to find a way out. I miraculously connected with Cindy and felt prompted to ask if I could stay at their house, the crazy part was I didn’t really know her well, or what she was going. She quickly responded saying “come! We just got our business id in the mail to be a healing home. You will be our first testimony”. I also miraculously got to the United States and spent time living at Chetwell – then Cindy and Eric’s home.
What I experienced there was radical faith for my health when I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy to believe for it. Eric and Cindy treated me like royalty. They went above and beyond and invested in my health as if I was their own child. They found a fast for me to do, and so I wasn’t doing it alone, they did it with me. Very quickly I began to feel better. I believe the combination of their faith, the fasting, and all the extra natural health methods we used, healed me. I have just completed my first university today, something my specialist wasn’t sure I would be able to do before I went to Eric and Cindy. It really turned my life around. I highly recommend anyone in need of a health miracle attend Chetwell. I got my life back and am now living in the fruit of their faith. I’m forever grateful.
Love you lots!!!
Sophie C.
Queensland, Australia